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Two-mantle butane lantern is just the thing you need to illuminate your camp site, or other dark spaces while you are at outdoors.

Adopt copper alloy, stainless steel, and toughened glass materials, high-temperature resistant, wear-resistant and anti-erosion.
Double mantle lighting for burning brighter.
Toughened glass lamp shade is light and durable, breakage-proof.
Piezo lighter more convenient to start fire.
Well-ventilated lantern body accelerates the burning.
The brightness can reach up to 140lux.

ONLY used with the Butane cartridges as defined in EN417.
Never use the application if the O-ring sealing has been damaged or worn out.
Use outdoors ONLY.
Use in a well ventilated environment.

Material: Stainless steel
Gas consumption: 85g/h
Output: 1KW of butane at a pressure of 1 bar
Luminosity: 140lux
Fuel: Butane cartridge as defined in EN417 (not included)
Item size: 22 * 18cm / 8.66 * 7.09in(H * D)
Item weight: 660g / 23.27oz
Package size: 25 * 16 * 16cm / 9.84 * 6.30 * 6.30in   
Package weight: 832g /29.35oz

Package List:
1* Butane Lantern

The gas tank displayed on photos is ONLY for reference.


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